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Deal Types and Categories

Written by Josh Hutter

Welcome back to FMTC’s Tech Corner, where we take a deep dive into our tools and technology. In this article, we discuss how to get types of content that allow merchants and agencies to target an exclusive group of affiliates with deals that apply only to them, helping increase conversions.

Identify Content

Our getDeals endpoint offers human-validated deals through FMTC’s API. Within this data are a few important fields, which are verified by FMTC for accuracy and will help you target specific types of deals:

● DealTypes
● Categories & CategoriesV2

Deal Types

Affiliates can utilize Deal Types to identify and categorize content for their audiences. FMTC’s Deal Types (full list located here and an explanation of our getTypes endpoint here) allow you to discern and classify each Deal Type. Deal Types are not mutually exclusive; you might see many types associated with the deal to describe it. For example, if a deal has a code associated with it and offers free shipping, you will see both “coupon” and “freeshipping” under the Deal Type field.

One of our more specific Deal Types is SheerID, a partner of FMTC. This is a deal that is verified through SheerID as a gated offer to enterprise publishers.. This deal type allows publishers to easily find targeted exclusive deals for communities like students, teachers, military, and healthcare workers. Merchants must have a relationship with SheerID to have Deal Types successfully applied to the content within FMTC. These are high-value and exclusive offers that can be deployed in a more targeted manner without the worry of fraud or brand dilution.

[{"nCouponID":40386358,"cMerchant":"Nike","nMerchantID":31702,"nMasterMerchantID":18889,"cNetwork":"CJ","cProgramID":"4942550","cStatus":"active","cLabel":"10% off for Students, Military Members and First Responders.","cImage":"","cCode":"","dtStartDate":"2021-03-11T07:00:00-08:00","dtEndDate":"2022-12-31T23:59:00-08:00","cLastUpdated":"2022-10-09T20:15:04-07:00","cCreated":"2021-03-11T18:27:23-08:00","cPixelHTML":"","aTypes":["offer","percent","sheerid"]}],


Alongside the Deal Type content, you can filter deals by using the categories fields. CategoriesV2 is the preferred field for categories to be used and categorizes the data within FMTC’s category list (full list found here). The specific category you want to pull will be the parent category “group-discount.” Subcategories for targeted groups, such as students or teachers, will be listed below the parent category.

Using a combination of both the Deal Types and categories will allow you to create a more targeted approach to the types of content you are promoting, which can lead to a higher conversion rate.

[{"nCouponID":35720585,"cMerchant":"Nectar US","nMerchantID":33951,"nMasterMerchantID":29154,"cNetwork":"IR","cProgramID":"8338","cStatus":"active","cLabel":"Salutes The Military - All Personnel Save 15%.","cImage":"","cCode":"","dtStartDate":"2019-10-01T00:00:00-07:00","dtEndDate":"2050-12-31T23:59:59+00:00","cLastUpdated":"2022-08-16T22:44:10-07:00","cCreated":"2019-10-01T13:07:55-07:00”"cPixelHTML":"","aTypes":["offer","percent","sheerid"],"fSalePrice":"0.00","fWasPrice":"0.00","fDiscount":"0.00","nPercent":"15","fThreshold":"0.00","fRating":"22.150","bStarred":0,"nTieredDeal":"0","aBrands":[],"aLocal":[],"cRestrictions":"Verify your eligibility and receive a 15% off discount code on your Nectar order. Code is valid for one-time use on full-price merchandise only (shipping & handling, taxes, packaging not included). Cannot be combined with any other offer. Active and reservist military, veterans, retirees, military spouses, and registered dependents are eligible for the discount.","aCategoriesV2":[{"nCategoryID":16,"nParentID":0,"cName":"Charity","bRestricted":0},}]

As always, our team is ready to help you! If you have any questions or concerns, contact your account manager or email us at [email protected]. Curious about other FMTC technologies? Find more information on FMTC’s tools in Tech Corner:

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