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Program Directory: A Deep Dive

Written by Josh Hutter

Welcome back to FMTC’s Tech Corner, where we take a deep dive into our tools and technology. Today, we are going over one of our best offerings: the FMTC Program Directory. With over 18,000 programs listed, finding information on affiliate programs has never been easier.

One of the challenges of affiliate marketing is finding time to research relevant merchant information — who has a program, where it is located, and how you can leverage available resources. The FMTC Program Directory has everything you need to help you connect with merchants in your niche and promote your affiliate links effectively. We are constantly adding and updating the programs in the directory to ensure you have access to the most current information.

In the FMTC Program Directory, you can find logos, screenshots, and other images to enrich the content on your platform. You don’t need to be an FMTC subscriber to take advantage of some of the information available.

If you subscribe to FMTC, you can access even more tools and features, such as our Link Builder.


The FMTC Program Directory is your one-stop shop for affiliate program information.

FMTC Program Directory Homepage

You can search all the FMTC-integrated networks at once and find the most current information on merchants and products. If you are an active subscriber to FMTC, you can also keep track of your relationships with the merchants you select.

Program Directory Search Results

FMTC’s Program Directory listings have the information you need to learn about merchants and their affiliate programs, saving you hours of research.

Program Directory listings provide relevant information on merchants.
Primary category and subcategories are displayed for merchant listings.

If the merchant allows, you will be able to build deep links to any page on the merchant site. A deep link goes directly to a specific page on the merchant’s website; it can be an information page or a product page, which you can use however you need for your affiliate site.

Additionally, you can add a SubID to the link. The SubID is an affiliate’s ID they want to pass to track a created link. It is different from the traditional affiliate ID used for monetization.

The Link Builder tool is available for active FMTC subscribers.


The FMTC Program Directory is a valuable tool for merchants, too! The directory helps make your program easier to find, highlighting your program from the network crowds and attracting more potential affiliates.

Check out our Merchant Services to see what other exciting perks you can get as an FMTC subscriber.

As always, our team is ready to help you! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to your account manager or send us an email at [email protected]. Curious about other FMTC technologies? Feel free to read any of the following:

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