Consolidated Reporting by FMTC & Trackonomics

What is Trackonomics?

Trackonomics consolidates all your affiliate data from multiple affiliate networks in one simple dashboard. You will be able to see your ROI across the board, save yourself hours of manual reporting, and start getting valuable insights into your best-performing affiliates.

Our integration with Trackonomics offers the following key features, plus more:

  • Data Consolidation: Pull data from all your affiliate networks into one simple dashboard
  • Link Scanner: Prevent lost sales from broken links with an automated link scanner
  • Content Analytics: Discover the value of your content right down to the page level
  • Link Generation: Create all your affiliate links in one place & use a product search feature

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How is Trackonomics Integrated With FMTC?
Who Can Use Trackonomics?

Pricing Information & Getting Started

Let us know if you’d like to get started and we can enable your Trackonomics login. For more information, as well as pricing, please submit your email address below. We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.