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Get Your Personalized, Monetized Affiliate Links in FMTC’s Deal Feed. Access the freshest, most accurate deals and coupons all in one place.

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FMTC’s Deal Feed

All Your Affiliate Links in One Place

FMTC’s Deal Feed aggregates your monetized links into a single deal and product stream.

All your deals in one place

Simplify your data. Save time. We automate your feed with the freshest affiliate offers and products. Stop wasting time juggling multiple sites to find valid deals.

Never miss a good deal

Thousands of merchants. Twenty-three affiliate networks. We pull data by tapping into APIs and combing through hundreds of daily emails from local and national deal sites. Find the right offers for your audience.

Clean, valid links

Accurate deals. Error-free copy. Our team of US-based data engineers make sure each link is valid before it reaches your feed. Deliver only valid deals to your audience.

Grow your affiliate relationships

Comprehensive affiliate directory. Easy program search. Our Merchant Sync automatically detects your programs and provides your unique affiliate links. Keep your current affiliate programs organized and join new ones listed in our directory.

Quick, reliable support

Dedicated service. Fast response. We answer most support requests within two hours. Get help from real-life customer support members via email or phone call.

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