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Premium Merchant Plan: Scale Your Affiliate Program


Faster Deal Processing

Your program’s deals get top priority in our queue and will be processed and ready within 1 hour (during business hours), guaranteed.


Push Deals

Premium subscribers can add a coupon, sale, free shipping offer, or free gift with purchase offer. You can push these deals to all affiliates in FMTC or make them exclusive for select affiliates.


Deal & Program Alerts

Share up to 5 alerts each month on the FMTC dashboard, in direct emails to our clients, and on our social feeds. Have an upcoming promotion or program update you want to highlight? We’ll get the word out for you!


Featured Merchant Placement

Your logo will be part of the Featured Merchant section rotation on our dashboard. Affiliates can easily spot your logo, access your program, and join!


Dedicated Rep

We’ll give you a single point of contact to answer all your questions, support your growth, and maximize the value you get from your affiliate channel as you scale your business.


Preferred Merchant Label

Your directory listing will be highlighted with a label for affiliates, indicating that you are a premium merchant.

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