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  • Merchant Allowance: Custom
  • Geography: Custom
  • Included Users: Custom

Enterprise 9000

Get started with up to 9,000 merchants across any 3 geographies.

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$5,995 mo
  • Merchant Allowance: 9,000
  • Geography: Any 3
  • Included Users: 25

Enterprise Unlimited

Get started with all available merchants across all 4 geographies.

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$8,995 mo
  • Merchant Allowance: All Integrated Merchants
  • Geography: All
  • Included Users: 50

Every plan has the essentials.

  • Access Merchant Directory
  • Access to FMTC Interface
  • Offers are Normalized & Standardized
  • Offers are Categorized
  • Browser Extension
  • Human Support
  • Includes FMTC Offer Rating
  • Access to New Merchants
  • Merchant Sync
  • FreshReach® Monetization Platform

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