International Cat Day: The Cats of FMTC

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Happy International Cat Day! We at FMTC love to celebrate our team members through Employee Spotlight posts and social media highlights. Today is dedicated to the most adorable members of our FMTC family: our purrfect companions!

Josh Hutter, software project manager, and his cats Pete and Luci.

Melanie May, senior product technology team lead, and her cat Tigger.

Matthew Bowker, junior PHP developer, and his cats Kanga and Haru.

Jennifer Greene, data processing shift lead, and her cats Dabo, Swinney, and Venables.

Jason Linn, data processor, and his cat Matthew.

Heather Moore, data processing shift lead, and her cats Barnacle, Chicken, Chili Bean, Ezra, Orion, Baby, and Wanheda.

Erin Jones, data processor, and her cats Gizzy and Grazie.

Happy International Cat Day to all our feline friends!

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