Affiliate News Weekly Roundup

This week, we’ve clipped out some very interesting industry related articles in regards to performance marketing, ecommerce and content monetization. Acquisitions are in the air. In the last week, Skimlinks announced that it acquired price comparison toolbar Invisible Hand, while Rakuten announced that it had acquired PopShops. put out a great article for entreprenuers […]

6 Things You May Not Know About Us

  6 Things You May Not Know About Us   We often run into the same kinds of statements and questions. “There may be something that we could do together, but I don’t really know what FMTC does.” Another contact told us, “We sort of see FMTC as a black box. We’re not sure what […]

New Merchant Monday 8/12/13

We’ve added over 100 new stores to FMTC this past week alone, including Crate & Barrel, Isabella Catalog, Modell’s, Samsung, Wayfair and more. The list of newly added stores along with what network they are housed in is below. For a complete list of programs we support, check out our Store Listings page. Current FMTC […]

Affiliate News Weekly Roundup

We’ve decided to launch a new feature here at FMTC where we curate interesting news and articles about performance marketing, content monetization and coupons that we’ve “clipped” throughout the week to share with you. Enjoy! Amazon Launches Art Store, Putting Multi-Million Dollar Paintings In Your Virtual Shopping Cart. This could make associate commissions a bit […]

Farewell, Frog Prince!

FMTC is getting a new look! Tomorrow, our site and admin panel will have a frog-free logo, an updated design, and lots of great new features. A sneak peek at our new look…our logo that’s debuting tomorrow: Stay tuned throughout this week and next for more announcements. We’d love to hear what you think – […]

FMTC Launches Skimlinks Autopilot

FMTC clients can use a blend of affiliate links and Skimlinks in their FMTC feed for optimal monetization. If Merchant Sync determines you are not approved for a merchant you have selected, a Skimlinks URL will automatically be populated in the affiliate link field, so no extra programming or monitoring of relationships is required for […]

Custom Merchant Descriptions

Merchant descriptions can be a great way to help your site with SEO. However, you’ll want to be careful about the wording you use as to not get penalized for duplicate content, which is why merchant descriptions are not provided by FMTC. We want to help your business, not hurt it! In FMTC’s client admin, […]

FMTC Adds Deal Rankings

FMTC now includes a rank on every offer in our getDeals feed. They can be used to aid in the placement of coupons and deals on your merchant pages based on offer value and potential of customer appeal. Rankings range from 1 (lowest value) to 25 (highest value). For example, a coupon for 10% off […]

FMTC Launches Merchant Sync

When you use FMTC’s Merchant Sync tool, you don’t have to add and remove merchants from your FMTC feed. Simply join programs at the networks and we will automatically add the ones you are approved for to your feed. If a program goes offline or terminates your relationship, we can automatically remove them from your feed. […]

FMTC Partners with Skimlinks

FMTC has partnered with Skimlinks to provide our clients with more monetization options. If you would like data for merchants you have not joined, you can use Skimlinks’ revshare program to earn commissions on sales generated by your website. First, you will need to create an account at Skimlinks. Once you are approved, provide FMTC with your […]