A Day in the Life of an FMTC Deal Processor

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Working remotely has become more common with the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing businesses and employees alike to adjust to a new normal. One group that is very thankful for not needing to drastically change their routine is FMTC’s  Deal Processors. 


What is a Deal Processor at FMTC?


In a nutshell, a deal processor revises affiliate deals that have been submitted by merchants to an affiliate network. They are part of a large team of quality assurance individuals. 


Why does FMTC process deals?


The goal is to make sure each merchant’s affiliate deals are accurate and working as intended. For example, a deal processor will check coupon codes and correct grammar mistakes. Monetized affiliate links from merchants also get verified to ensure they land on the correct page. 


The objective is to provide the highest quality data. This way the customer gets the best experience possible and has a smooth transition when clicking on an affiliate link. 


What does a working day consist of?


It starts like any other day: alarm going off, kids getting ready for their day, breakfast being prepared and lunches packed. Once that part of the morning routine is out of the way, a deal processor can head on over to their home office. 


It is then that the day of a deal processor truly begins! 


FMTC’s network portal lists the affiliate deals to be processed that day. The number of deals is usually in the thousands, and requires the whole team to work together to complete it on time and efficiently. 


A deal processor can also oversee different networks and manage custom projects and premium merchant accounts. A typical day tends to fly by and the best part is the flexibility of it all. 


Deal processors have many responsibilities within FMTC and life. As a company, we realize that and allow for flexibility in schedules. This allows deal processors to attend those school activities, or last minute doctor’s appointments, or take an extra coffee break. 


Most Common Mistakes


Each deal gets checked for accuracy and quality, including spelling and grammar. Deals also get tested to make sure the links, landing pages and other components are actively working.


Grammar lessons will come in handy when checking deal titles and labels. The most common mistakes tend to include misuse of apostrophes and the title of a deal not matching the product on the sale page. Quite often the product pricing needs to be adjusted as well.


Merchant links can also lead to broken pages, which have to be fixed behind-the-scenes before it reaches the end user. Companies can get very creative on how they display their error pages. For example: “Monkeys have invaded our building and we are working to get back to Earth!” is just one of the many interesting error landing pages we may come across. These can be funny pages to land on, yet our ultimate goal is assuring a customer does not have to see them at all.


Ready to learn more about what FMTC has to offer?


Click here to read about our product solutions, pricing options and different features. 

Our deal processors are ready to help you with the world’s largest, freshest, and most accurate deal database.


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