How These 8 Merchants Are Adapting During COVID-19

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COVID-19 caused a dramatic shift in operations for many companies recently. Adapting to new trends, consumer needs, and best practices has proven crucial to staying in business. 


Shifting Advertising Budgets to Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing as a whole has become a more popular advertising model for certain companies during the pandemic. An article from CJ states: “As brands revisit marketing strategies to best meet consumer needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, budget has shifted from more expensive channels to more accountable ones like affiliate marketing.” (Read more.)


We’d like to shine a spotlight on some of these businesses who are doing a fantastic job of pivoting to provide unique services, helping consumers and their business alike. 





Bed Bath and Beyond



Home Depot












Bass Pro Shop






How has your business adapted?


Has your business changed or pivoted during COVID-19? Let us know some of the unique ways you’ve overcome obstacles and we’ll be happy to share with our audience.


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