FMTC Tech Corner: Why Integrate Your Data With FMTC

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Written by Josh Hutter & Katie Jones

Welcome to the latest edition of FMTC’s Tech Corner. This article describes why networks, platforms, and technology companies partner with FMTC and how a data partnership works. 

FMTC integrates 14 affiliate networks and pulls data from over 20 unique sources into its platform, allowing affiliates to access and monetize thousands of affiliate links from various merchants. Companies like, ShareASale, Awin, Partnerize, and Rakuten Advertising partner with us to increase high-quality traffic, optimize data quality and distribution, and generate new leads for their clients and themselves.

Why a Network Integrates Affiliate Data With FMTC

A data partnership with FMTC enables networks to simplify the data-handling strategies for every user, including merchants, advertisers, agencies, account managers, creators, influencers, publishers, and affiliate partners. 

  • Increase link distribution, high-quality clicks, leads, sales, and revenue
    • Links surfaced in FMTC’s deal and product feeds, for free
    • Additional proprietary monetization rail, FreshReach®, for free
    • Link monetization by trusted enterprise-level affiliates
  • Optimize data quality and access
    • Hundreds of thousands of links are available to enterprise affiliates via a single API
    • MerchantSync technology is a powerful tool that allows affiliates to dynamically handle their merchant relationships
  • Improved data quality
    • Our data feeds contain crucial metadata regarding the offers, coupons, deals, and promotions that are available for affiliates to strategically promote on their websites, blogs, social media, newsletters, or other channels
    • Only FMTC spends thousands of hours checking, testing, fixing, and optimizing links, translating to time and money saved
    • Links and coupon codes work
    • Everything is spelled correctly and SEO optimized
    • All deals are accurate and current
    • Increase click-through rates and monetization
  • Generate new leads
    • Enterprise affiliates can use FMTC’s feed as the single source of their affiliate data
    • Affiliates who use FMTC have an easier time ingesting and managing data 

What Network Partners and Their Clients Get

  • Network Directory listing
  • Program Directory listing for each merchant
  • Merchant info surfacing in Program Directory search results
  • Human-powered data processing
  • Link surfacing in deal search results
  • Link distribution in FMTC’s proprietary deal feed
  • Link monetization by industry-leading enterprise affiliates
  • Product distribution in FMTC’s proprietary product feed
  • Product monetization by industry-leading enterprise affiliates
  • Automatic syncing of affiliate-merchant relationship status
  • Automatic feed updates based on affiliate-merchant relationship status

How a Data Integration Works

An FMTC data partnership begins with a custom integration with a network’s API or FTP. Information received from each network’s endpoints is processed by our team of data engineers. Once processed, merchant information is funneled to our Program Directory and affiliate links are funneled to our deal or product feeds. This data is available to FMTC clients via the portal or API. 

Affiliates can subscribe to FMTC’s deal and product feeds and other custom data solutions. Many affiliates use our feed as the single source of their affiliate data.

Merchants can add their data to FMTC for free. All they need to do is add FMTC’s affiliate account to their network program.

  1. FMTC calls each network’s API.
  2. Each call pulls new and updated information into our system.
  3. Our data processing team tests, fixes, standardizes and categorizes everything.
  4. Adding an extra layer of value, FMTC engages in hand-verifying crucial data elements, such as labels, expiration dates, categories, deep links, and more.
  5. FMTC’s technology rebuilds the tracking links for each of our affiliates using their own Affiliate IDs.
  6. To automatically add or remove merchant links to their feed, affiliates can enable our proprietary system called MerchantSync. 
  7. An affiliate’s API call to FMTC’s endpoints includes changes, updates, and new data; links are rebuilt with each affiliate’s unique ID.

Minimum Integration Requirements

To join the FMTC platform, our minimum network integration requirements include having unique, direct merchants that offer exclusive deals, discounts, and coupons. You also need to provide API endpoints that return program data and text links for deals, coupons, and promotions. 

Contact our integrations manager if you are interested in a data partnership with FMTC. 

As always, a dedicated team is here to assist you! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact your account manager or email us at [email protected]. Curious about other FMTC technologies? Find more information on FMTC’s tools in Tech Corner:

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