Premium Merchants: Extend Your Reach

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Be seen beyond the networks

There are thousands of merchants in affiliate networks – how can you stand out from the crowd? FMTC promotes premium merchants beyond the networks so you can attract affiliates where they’re most active.

Merchant Spotlight

Premium merchants receive a feature on FMTC’s blog. Merchant Spotlight posts highlight your company and why affiliates should choose to partner with you. We also include details of your affiliate program to entice ready affiliates.

Social Media Highlight

Be present where many affiliates are active – on social media! We promote your Merchant Spotlight blog post across our social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Newsletter Inclusion

FMTC delivers a newsletter every Wednesday, and we have a special section highlighting our premium merchants. We include a link directly to your Program Directory listing, so our subscribers can easily access your program information.

Ready to take your affiliate marketing program to the next level? Contact our Merchant Relationships Manager to get started!

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