How Select Mini Subscription Helps Merchants

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fmtc select mini feed helps merchants

How Select Mini Subscription Helps Merchants

The Select Mini Feed is our newest subscription available to affiliates that focuses on PODs. In case you haven’t heard about PODs yet, these are fully automated blocks of pod-badge.jpg
content that can be used on sites to provide a constant update of deals. With PODs there is no need to worry about broken links or expired deals being posted. This new feed allows unlimited PODs for 100 merchants! You can read more about what is included in the subscription here.

How does this help merchants?

The Select Mini subscription is Select Mini subscription imageuseful for affiliates that are constantly needing to be reminded to update their deals, or those that are asking for details early so that they can get content ready. Users choose up to 100 merchants, enter their own IDs (so you’re still tracking them normally as YOUR affiliates), and build PODs using copy-and-paste or WP plugin integration. How great would it be to have affiliates creating PODs for your program and never having to worry about updating deals manually? We’re also happy to pay affiliate commissions for referring us – our program is available on ShareASale.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Here’s a preview of a POD that shows the latest deals from Target.

[fmtcpod pod=”409d3d82dced9508a2c0fbb4a6d4c06c”]

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