Why FMTC Data Gives Publishers the Best Long-Term Value

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Why FMTC Data Gives Publishers the Best Long-Term Value


What’s the advantage of using FMTC for affiliate offers compared to other websites? A subscription to FMTC is certainly an investment, but we offer huge benefits you won’t be able to find all in one place anywhere else. Use FMTC’s datafeeds to ensure the highest-quality deals available for your audience.

Below, we’ve listed a few key reasons FMTC gives you the best long-term value:


We Only Provide Affiliate-Approved Links


Some merchants may have codes not approved for affiliate use. Using these codes may result in reversal of commissions or getting kicked out of the program for affiliates who publish them.

Rather than scraping websites for coupon codes, for example, we pull links directly from over 20 different affiliate networks. We avoid processing private or exclusive codes, and only provide codes approved for affiliate use.


We Test Deals Before Posting


We test deals before we post them. You’ll be able to share our deals with your audience easily because you won’t have to go through the effort of testing yourself. You can rely on our tested content to efficiently share deals with your audience.

If we experience an issue when testing deals, we have a special hold queue. While the deal is being held, our data processors reach out to program managers to inform them of the issue. Once the deal is fixed, or we receive the correct information, we then process the deals as usual. To avoid deals being delayed from having to contact program managers, we ask merchants to ensure the accuracy of their deals as well.


We Proofread Before Posting


We proofread and correct offers before posting them. Our team of data processors carefully reads through the labels and standardizes them to ensure consistency. Any missing or inaccurate information is edited to save you the time of finding the information yourself.


We Only List Real Deals


As a publisher, you want your audience to rely on your website for accurate deals. Some websites may post fake coupon codes to lure deal-seekers away from other affiliate websites. If a potential buyer visits the site looking for a fake code, it can take traffic away from other affiliate publishers.

Rather than websites who may post deals that don’t actually exist, all of our offers are 100% real. Every deal is pulled from affiliate networks or added directly by merchants Using FMTC’s data allows you to provide the most reliable content to your audience.


We Remove Expired Offers  


Our process for providing high-quality data includes a set of checks and balances to ensure nobody is misled by expired or inactive offers. When an update is made on a network, the deal goes into our change queue. After that, a member of our data processing team will update the expiration date or other deal information before republishing the offer. Any expired codes or sales are removed from our datafeed,


We Provide Additional Deal Data


We provide additional data with every deal such as what type of promotion users will receive. As mentioned above, we include information such as free shipping, percent off, dollar off, and more. We also list what type of product the deal is for (ex: apparel, house & home, electronics, beauty, etc.). Users can search by these different categories if they’re looking for something specific.

We also include shipping offers and add any relevant terms and conditions so you can quickly view everything you need to at a glance.


We Keep Up With Last-Minute Changes


Last-minute changes won’t compromise the integrity of our deals. Our system pulls link updates throughout the day. If a merchant changes an offer on the network, we will pull the new information and update our feed as soon as possible. We even offer a way for program managers to view the links in our feed and submit support tickets if they have any urgent requests. This combination of automatic system updates and transparency with program managers ensures our deal accuracy.


We Provide Reliable, High-Quality Content


All of this processing is extensive work that takes an average of 1,300 hours each month by our Data Engineering team. You can be sure your deals will be tested for accuracy and processed efficiently by our data team, especially when you provide the best information at the networks for each deal. Now you know how we process deals to achieve the finished product of standardized content that can be used by numerous publishers.

If you have any more questions about how our services can benefit you, please reach out to [email protected] at any time.


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