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Backed by the Verizon Networks, Visible is a hybrid carrier, between prepaid and postpaid.

Visible makes wireless phone service simple and available to everyone.

Promotions feature savings on popular phone models/devices, plan discounts and services.

Why Visible?

Visible’s Party Pay plan allows you to bundle with multiple Visible users, getting a discount on all your lines with unlimited data.

Each person gets their own bill which makes it very flexible for both families and groups of friends. The savings can get pretty impressive with prices dropping all the way down to just $25 a month.

Visible also has deals on new phones/wearables when signing up for the service, or the user can bring their own phone.

Affiliate program details

  • Impact > Signup link:
  • Public Terms: Submitted Order: $0.00 | Activation: $0.00 | Gross Add: $20.00
  • Event Definitions: Submitted order: Customer places order for a device or brings their own device (has not yet paid for their first month of service)
  • Activation: Customer pays for their first month and activates their Visible service (90% of customers who submit orders activate within 7 days of ordering)
  • Gross Add (GA): Customer stays on Visible service for 62 days (93% of customers who activate their service become Gross Adds)
  • Managed by PartnerCentric

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Simply Connect – Connect, Simply

It started with an idea: Make wireless service simple and accessible to everyone.

To us, that meant one plan, with multiple ways to save, on the Verizon network—no strings attached.

Stay connected to what matters most.

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