Tips on Getting Your Deals to Publishers Faster

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By working with FMTC as a merchant, you are connected to the industry’s top performers looking for promotions. Our objective is to aggregate thousands of offers, verify each one, and then provide them to publishers via our datafeed. FMTC saves affiliates hours of logging into affiliate networks, collecting deals, ensuring they work, and then posting the deals. We do all of that for them! Thus, many publishers prefer or even require merchants to work with FMTC to partner with them.


Our Verification Process


Another benefit to working with FMTC as a merchant is that you get a second pair of eyes on your offers. If we see any issues with your offer, we send an email to the contact we have on file – which happens more often than you may think! Here is what our data entry team does to verify each offer:

  • Test codes to ensure they work and apply the correct discount
  • Make sure the landing pages function properly (if not, they can build links to the correct page if the merchant allows deeplinking)
  • Categorizes the type of offer (coupon, sale, free shipping, etc.)
  • Categorizes the type of product (apparel, house and home, electronics, etc.)
  • Edits ad copies to make the labels clean and concise (we do try to keep the ad copy as close to the original as possible)

This entire verification process ensures that we provide quality data to publishers who rely on us to populate their sites.


Tips to Speed Things Up


If you’ve been finding it’s taking a bit longer for your offers to appear in our feed, here are a few things you could do:

    1. Use Coupon Codes – Any offer that includes a coupon code automatically gets a boost in processing priority. It also goes to our Coupon Queue, which is one of our top processing queues. Another benefit is many of our clients use the Coupon Mini Feed which gives them access to all offers that include a coupon code. As a result, your offer will reach more publishers and get posted on their sites.
    2. Add Expiration Dates – The quicker your deal expires, the sooner it will be added to our feed. This is because shorter deals also get a boost in processing priority.
    3. Upgrade to a Premium Account – The premium account provides you with additional tools and exposure to help boost your program. One of the features is our Expedited Deal Processing which sends all your offers to our Premium Processing Queue. These offers are top-priority in the verification process and added to our feed ASAP. For a list of all the premium features, please visit our Member Features and Benefits page.
    4. Invest in Auto-processing – With this service, we apply advanced scripts, written uniquely for each program that automatically processes the deals. So, as soon as you post deals at the network they will be pulled, automatically processed by our system, and made available in our feed. This eliminates the processing delay completely! You can learn more here.


Have any questions? Email us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to answer them for you!

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