FMTC 2022 Highlights: New Faces, New Features

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As we say goodbye to 2022, the team at FMTC celebrates the accomplishments and milestones that made this year exceptional.

New Faces

We welcomed many new team members across departments – twelve new data processors and five new members for the tech team. Notably, we filled two new positions, chief of operations (COO) and network liaison.

“As an account manager at an agency, FMTC’s Premium Merchant Services was part of our affiliate marketing strategy for several enterprise brands,” said Katie Jones, network liaison. “When Brook announced an opportunity to build relationships with the industry’s top networks, create value for FMTC’s merchant and publisher clients, and coordinate new technical integrations, I got excited. The people at FMTC are innovative and quirky, passionate and performance-driven, and very intelligent — a team I am thrilled to work with and learn from.”

COO Derek Koebel joined the team in September. “I feel that the team has been open to me joining the organization and has been receptive to the feedback that I have been able to provide. I enjoy the people I work with and their willingness to be open to different ideas and processes to help the company grow.”

Growth & Gains

Growth was at the forefront of our goals in 2022. This year, we welcomed over 6,500 new merchants. FMTC had 2.6 million deals available in our API, and as of this month, we processed 226,900 pieces of custom content.

We also added FreshReach® publishers with significant traffic and integrated new networks, with even more to be announced early next year.

We’ve made it even easier to learn more about FMTC with our recently published one-sheeters.

Satisfied Subscribers

Our team achieved a 95% customer satisfaction rating with an average response time of three hours or less. We received glowing feedback this year from merchants, publishers, and networks alike.

“The affiliate team at DMi Partners loves working with FMTC! We always recommend FMTC to our brands as we trust their technology to deliver effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, the FMTC team is a joy to work with, and we truly value our partnership!” – Megan Neri, DMi Partners

“When our team takes over management of an existing program or creates a new one for a client, we always like to connect with FMTC. FMTC does a great job aggregating many offers and making it seamless for publishers to pick up and promote. On top of that, the FMTC team is great to work with and very responsive when we reach out.” – Tracie Gross, PartnerCentric

“FMTC is the go-to solution for online retailer coupons. The coverage and content quality are unmatched.” – Adam Gauvin, Capital One Shopping

“FMTC streamlines business operations and processes for large publishers, making it easier for them to work with some of the largest brands on our platforms. They are responsive, proactive, easy, and painless to work with.” – Haidrah Burke-Maduemezia, Partnerize/Ascend (Pepperjam)

Tech Achievements

Our tech team made significant strides, creating new features and improvements, such as adding “Last Validation Date” to the FMTC feed, targeting content using group discounts, and giving users more control over restricted content.

Earlier this year, we unveiled a new look and feel for our website. We also transferred our documentation to Confluence for easier accessibility.

For more updates and deep dives into FMTC tech, check out our Tech Corner.

Coming Up

With all this year’s accomplishments, we’ve set ourselves up to make even bigger gains in 2023. On our slate:

  • New V3 endpoints: More ways to receive data from the Deal Feed.
  • New account portal: User interface updates.
  • Revamped Deal Types: A new way to categorize deals in the data feed.
  • New integrations: More network and technical integrations.

Before we forge ahead to the new year, we want to thank you, our subscribers; you are at the core of our success. As we take on 2023, we’re excited to have you along with us.

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