Office Memes to Brighten Your Day

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Office Memes

Sometimes you need a bit of humor to help get you through the day. Take a quick break from your busy day to laugh at these office memes. Don’t forget to share with your work buddies who could use a chuckle!

When Eating is Your Enemy

I know I’ve gotten a few calls while I’m eating lunch or snacking and most definitely looked exactly like this little guy. Or I have tried to sneak in a few bites on a conference call and then immediately need to answer a question. Naturally.

Sign-off Mess-up

Remember during elementary school when you accidentally called your teacher mom? Well, ending a call with “love you” is the adult version, but at least your sharing the love.

Giving You a Ruff Time

If you work from home and own a dog, you know there is always a risk of barking during meetings! Just pray the mailman doesn’t come and hope for the best.

Donut Even Think About It

Who can say no to donuts or any sweet treat?! Hopefully, you’re better than I am at resisting and can actually stay true to your New Year’s Resolutions.

Can I Get an Unmute?

If you’ve never started talking while on mute, you deserve an award and your favorite kind of cookie!

Email Eruption

All I can say is, thank goodness for vacation responders whenever we take time off!

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