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Written by Brook Schaaf

Summer conferences abound. Last week, held iPX in New York, to be followed up soon in London along with Rakuten’s DealMaker. Next week, Awin and ShareASale host ThinkTank.

Among these, FMTC was honored to make a special announcement at Everflow’s annual Connect conference last Tuesday. There was just one hiccup — after I agreed to the date, someone I’m married to pointed out that it was our wedding anniversary, to which I said, “How about celebrating in Chicago?”

Everflow boasts over 1,000 clients and has a true SaaS pricing model. Their background is as a marketing tracking platform that added affiliate tracking along the way. Their functionality includes, for example, adding cost data from other paid channels like Google, Facebook, and TikTok.

While other companies with similar backgrounds and pricing models have excelled in lead tracking or white-label networks, none has yet broken out into the retail side of affiliate. There are some likely advantages of this pricing, foremost among them lowered cost and enhanced clarity, along with some likely disadvantages, foremost among them reduced services and commission handling costs.

If Everflow succeeds, they could add a third type of pricing structure to the two dominant ones: legacy pricing associated with managed services, which takes a percentage of commissions or sales dollars, and next generation pricing, which is sort of like SaaS pricing but typically custom for each client and more complicated.

In FMTC’s announcement, we proudly revealed our plans to integrate Everflow as a data source later this year. This integration means that Everflow links and deal content will be available in the FMTC feed and through FreshReach®.

The announcement was successful — as was, I am pleased to say, our anniversary celebration.

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