FMTC Featured Merchant: Tuft & Needle

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Tuft & Needle, a Phoenix-based mattress and bedding company, is leading the revolution against mattress mark-ups, poor customer service, and inferior products by creating exceptional, honestly-priced products, and redefining the purchasing experience.


Why Tuft & Needle?

It started with a desire to revolutionize an industry. One that needed it.  Tuft & Needle was born. The new age of the mattress had begun. A lot happened during the early days. We taught people to expect more when buying a mattress. Others took note and hopped on our bandwagon. The marketplace changed.

Disruption. Check.

But that wasn’t enough. We punctuated that victory with powerful, new partners. As leaders, we set out to transform the industry completely. Together.

We drew inspiration from our collective history, embracing the customers we wanted to serve in the first place, and looking beyond sleep products into products of good sleep.

We sought the many ways we could improve lives through better, more accessible products. Designed to help people wake up feeling newer and better. Through a more human buying experience. An exceptional one that makes it easy for people to get what they need.

We know that mattress shopping sucks. So we’re making it better. 


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Keeping It Simple

We believe in quality craftsmanship without the gimmicks. We work with the best to get the best. And then we sell the best, for exactly the price it should cost. It’s the very simple system at the heart of everything we make.


Customers Matter

Our award-winning customer service!  We delight our customers, that’s why they love us. Through radical transparency and authenticity our customer experience team is the heartbeat of our brand.


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