what FMTC publisher toolkit means for you

Program Managers – What our New Publisher Toolkit Means for You!

There is an exciting new addition to FMTC that you should know about – the Publisher Toolkit! This powerful suite of tools is now being offered to publishers to help them: Create cross-network deep link bookmarklet Find new programs to join Keep track of their relationships with merchants Search through our entire catalog of deals Build […]

targeted publisher outreach

NEW Targeted Publisher Outreach

Targeted Publisher Outreach Want to reach new publishers and gain more top-earning affiliates? Good news! We now offer a Publisher Outreach Placement; an email sent to select publishers that use our service. This outreach placement is a targeted email sent to publishers that are the best fit for your brand and who have not joined […]

Dominate Q4 with FMTC!

What if I told you FMTC offers valuable tools to help ease the stress of Q4? Merchants and affiliate managers have access to FMTC tools that expedite the distribution of your program’s offers to millions of consumers.

working from home tips

FMTC BTS – Workspaces and Working From Home Tips

Everybody that works from home has a unique perspective on what works for them. Sixteen members of the FMTC team have provided some insightful working from home tips and a pic of their workspaces! I hope you enjoy reading them as much as it was a pleasure for me to put them together.