Blogger Spotlight: Pocket Your Dollars

Carrie Rocha founded in 2009. It is one of the most popular money-saving sites on the web. She instills financial confidence in her audience on everything from consumer issues to money management. Her book, Pocket Your Dollars (Bethany House 2013), addresses the underlying attitude changes she and her family made to eliminate $50,000+ in […]

Want To Recruit More Bloggers?

Attention Program Managers! If you are looking to attract more bloggers into your affiliate program – we have got a great opportunity for you. FMTC will be exhibiting at BlogHer ’14 at the end of July. For two and a half days, we will be introducing FMTC and affiliate marketing to the thousands of bloggers […]

CJU People’s Choice Award

Please nominate FMTC for CJU’s People’s Choice Award by Friday, June 27th! Over the last year, FMTC has made big strides in bridging the gap between affiliates and merchants. BLOGGER OUTREACH, EDUCATION, AND TOOLS Bloggers have tremendous influence and reach. Unfortunately, getting them to join the world of affiliate marketing has not been easy. FMTC […]

PHP Programming

Using A Programmer for FMTC Feeds

  Integrating FMTC Datafeeds with a Programmer   Once you’ve decided to subscribe to a FMTC datafeed, the next step is integrating it into your website This is NOT plug & play! Adding FMTC data to your website isn’t like adding Google Analytics. What we give you is a datafeed, and what you do with […]

Is Your Expertise Limiting You?

Expertise in a niche, an industry, a trade, etc can be an incredibly valuable asset. But, too great a focus on just one thing could actually hurt you. Don’t believe me? Ask the US Postal Service. You can have all of the systems, all of the knowledge, control the pricing, and be the absolute most […]

Are You Improving and Disrupting, or Are You Just a Copycat?

I get it – coming up with a great new idea for an affiliate site or a blog is hard. Business ideas are like melodies – they’ve all been done before in some shape or form. That’s why, if we look closely at products and services we love, we find that they are a lot […]

Merchant Spotlight: Udemy

  Udemy is the world’s largest marketplace for teaching and learning. More than 7,000 expert instructors have published online courses on Udemy on everything from programming to yoga, marketing to guitar, photography to cake decorating, and so much more! Over 2 million students in 200+ countries are taking these courses to advanced their careers and […]

FMTC Merchant Placement Opportunities

GET MORE EXPOSURE WITH FMTC MERCHANT PLACEMENTS Increase your chances of having the top affiliates in your program for Q1. Place your logo front and center on the FMTC dashboard to: Recruit top-performing affiliates Engage existing affiliates Kickstart your Q1 Our clients are among some of the top-earning affiliates in the space. Increase your chances […]

Client Spotlight: helps consumers save on virtually all of their online shopping interests and shipping needs. From 5% cash back and free shipping right at checkout on purchases at hundreds of top websites to rebates on shipping and return-shipping charges on over 1,500 other websites, members can access savings on almost anything they want to […]

Demystifying Data

  Like most of you, my family and many of my friends have no idea what I do… they know it has something to do with “the internets”, but that’s where their understanding stops. You lost me at “DATA”…   There’s something about the word “data” and thought of “databases” that instantly makes people feel […]