fmtc updating deals

Updating Your Deals in FMTC

We want to ensure that your deals are as up to date as possible with all the correct information. Use the information in this post to ensure that your offers are being used as you intended, and changes appear as quickly as possible.

Larissa’s Roadtrip Adventure to California

  If you emailed me last week, you probably saw my OOO response that I was moving to California. Well, I made it! My family and I drove over 48 hours across the beautiful USA and arrived at our new home near Sacramento, CA. I wanted to share a few highlights of our journey, just […]

Boob Tape

FMTC Featured Merchant – Boob Tape

Boob Tape makes one-time use, waterproof/sweatproof sticky bras designed to give 8+ hours of lift and support. Their innovative bras fit on women of all sizes. Now women don’t have to let a bra stand in the way of wearing what they want! The Boob Tape team includes some of the top marketing and branding […]

Newest PMA Release – Performance Marketing Glossary Update

  The Performance Marketing Association has released a revised version of one of their most downloaded resources – the Performance Marketing Glossary. This was completed by the Industry Advancement Council, chaired by Choots Humphries, the co-founder of LinkConnector. The 2019 update consists of 250+ terms, acronyms, and abbreviations used in affiliate marketing. Examples of new […]

FTP No Longer Supported After June 30, 2019

FTP No Longer Supported After June 30, 2019   If you’re using FTP to login and access files, we have some news that may affect your usage of our datafeeds. We will be closing down our FTP access at the end of June, 2019. That’s right — after June 30, 2019, FTP will no longer […]

Tips on Being a Work-At-Home Parent

Although the majority of jobs still require you to go to an office each day, there are more and more work-at-home positions popping up. Here at FMTC, we all work remotely and have always been a virtual team. I personally have worked from home for 6 years with FMTC and love it. There are always […]


New Reports Available in Program Manager Accounts

We recently created a couple of new reports for our program managers who have a merchant or OPM account. These include the Ongoing Deals Report for all account users and Real-Time Reporting for premium users. Originally, these were only going to be sent via email on a monthly basis. Now, you are able to view […]


UpSellit – Get More Value Out of Every Visitor

  Advertisers – have you reached your full potential for connecting with shoppers and maximizing sales? Chances are you’re leaving money on the table. There is always a risk for shoppers to visit your site, put products in their shopping cart, and never go through with the transaction. This is where UpSellit comes in to […]

How to Make Affiliate Marketing Easier (For the Enterprise-Level Publisher)

  Our Mission   Our mission at FMTC is to make affiliate marketing easier so you can become a hero. We provide you with solutions to save hours of valuable time and reduce stress. These solutions provide the highest-quality data with the most deals from a single point of access.   Let us do the […]


10 Motivational Work Quotes

  Motivational quotes can seem cheesy and cliche, but I still believe there is value to them. They can serve as a reminder to keep pushing yourself and some can even give you a small revelation. I’ve gathered 10 quotes that I hope will inspire you today!                 […]