Demystifying Affiliate Marketing Buzzwords : Affiliate Marketing Glossary

Affiliate Marketing Glossary It can be hard to wrap your brain around an industry and how it works, if the language is completely foreign to you. Affiliate marketing really isn’t as confusing at it might seem. To help you along, I’ve created this quick reference guide to understand the lingo used in affiliate marketing. The […]

FMTC Pods 25

Introducing Pods 25

  We asked. You answered. We listened! Last week at ShareASale ThinkTank, we had a great opportunity to do something we don’t normally get to do on a regular basis… we sat down, face to face with groups of affiliates and bloggers and asked them what they wanted. If you are an affiliate manager, a […]

Getting Started with Pods

Your days of compromise are over. No longer do you have to give up powerful automation for a less technically-intense integration process. Pods allow you to build fully-automated blocks of deal content that are implemented seamlessly into WordPress sites or with a simple copy and paste on non-WP sites. Quickstart Guide for Pods Once you get going […]

fmtc best practices for using merchant descriptions

Best Practices For Using Merchant Descriptions

One of the questions we get at FMTC is about Merchant descriptions and why we don’t include them. From our FAQ: In order to protect our clients from SEO problems due to duplicate content, merchant descriptions are not included in our feed. However, we do provide our clients with an admin area to write up […]

fmtc local deal feed

How To Use FMTC’s Local Deal Feed

FMTC provides a local deal feed, aggregating deals from Groupon, Living Social and more. But with over 20,000 local deals, you can’t just dump them on a page. So how could you use this data? First, let’s look at the data structure of a local deal (XML shown, but JSON also available) <item>  <couponid>int</couponid>  <merchantid>int</merchantid> […]

PMA Releases “The Benefits of Performance Marketing for Bloggers”

The Performance Marketing Association (PMA) Publisher Recruitment Council recently released “The Benefits of Performance Marketing for Bloggers” that outlines the key benefits of integrating performance marketing (a.k.a. affiliate marketing) into a blog monetization strategy.  Some bloggers may be aware that affiliate marketing can provide a continual revenue stream opportunity, but they may not be aware of […]

Announcing: UK and Australian Deal Banks

The Deal Bank is now available for the UK and Australian markets. Bloggers with an audience in the UK or in Australia can now use our searchable directory of content to find deals fit for their region. Wait – What’s the Deal Bank Again? The Deal Bank is a tool we designed specifically for bloggers. We […]

Blogger Spotlight: Pocket Your Dollars

Carrie Rocha founded in 2009. It is one of the most popular money-saving sites on the web. She instills financial confidence in her audience on everything from consumer issues to money management. Her book, Pocket Your Dollars (Bethany House 2013), addresses the underlying attitude changes she and her family made to eliminate $50,000+ in […]

Want To Recruit More Bloggers?

Attention Program Managers! If you are looking to attract more bloggers into your affiliate program – we have got a great opportunity for you. FMTC will be exhibiting at BlogHer ’14 at the end of July. For two and a half days, we will be introducing FMTC and affiliate marketing to the thousands of bloggers […]