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For our meme contest announced last month, we had a surprisingly high 50 entries from 23 different people. Some were laugh-out-loud funny; others shall haunt my dreams. An internal committee of eight judged each meme by its coherence, sensibility, cleverness, and humor. The winners were within five points of each other, hence the exact ties — for which FMTC has doubled the prize money. 

[Drumroll] Here are the winners! 

First Place (tie), $500 each:

Created by Karen Garcia (and, who knows, maybe hubby Joel helped 😉)

As an old-timer, this one has special resonance for me. I couldn’t tell you how many times someone has trotted out “affiliate marketing is dead” for attention … or how annoying this has always been.

Created by Dustin Howes

Truly an apt observation about our space.

Second Place, $350:

Also created by Dustin Howes

A lot of people complain about this nowadays. Funny to think of AI as a diabolical cat. 

Third Place (tie), $150 each:

Created by Matt Mustarde

Perhaps no one is better tuned in to the dangers of only working with one affiliate than a long-time veteran of link geo-targeting service Geniuslink.

Created by Nick Montrose

Be ye affiliate, agency, network, or merchant, this pain have ye felt.

We shall share honorable mentions in coming weeks and months — stay tuned.

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