fmtc deal alert

The Deal Alerts Feature is here!

FMTC Deal Alert Feature Do you have an awesome deal you want to promote or even a change to your program that you want people to know? Now you can promote these easily through your merchant account! We will distribute your message or deal by posting them on the dashboard, sending out a tweet and […]

tech retreat fmtc vegas asw16

FMTC Tech Retreat & #ASW16 Highlights

The FMTC tech team gathered a few days before ASW16 for our tech retreat. Working at the same table enabled us to deploy a project in hours rather than weeks. After the tech retreat, we switched gears into ASW mode.

new expedited deals feature

New Expedited Deals Feature

FMTC Expedited Deals: Want your program’s deals to get an extra boost and be processed more quickly? We have recently added a higher ranking for merchants and OPMs that have a premium subscription with us.

what fmtc offers network program managers

What FMTC Offers Network Program Managers

You can sign up for our OPM/Network subscription and access great tools and features, such as monitoring the deals we have in our system, managing program details, and also premium features.

More Great Offers – SaveInStore Printable Grocery Coupons!

We are excited to announce the addition of SaveInStore printable grocery coupons to FMTC! SaveInStore is a great addition to our in-store coupon offering. They typically have around 100 to 150 different printable grocery coupons. These are unique coupons you won’t generally find in other grocery coupon programs. Top companies like Cottonelle, Advil, Fresh Express, […]

OPM Deal Download

New OPM Deal Download Feature and More

Check out our newest feature for the premium OPM accounts! You are now able to download all the deals we have in our system for your programs. This allows you to receive a CSV of every deal we have processed.

Price Increase Announcement

Current clients, including anyone who subscribes before December 31st, 2015 – whose accounts remain in good standing by adhering to our terms and paying on time, will be grandfathered in at the old rate.

fmtc halloween deals

Halloween Deals

It’s October and Halloween is right around the corner! Many publishers will be looking for Halloween deals to promote on their sites and blogs. We have a Halloween category that can be selected for any deal related to this day of tricks and treats (and hopefully no smelly feet). This post shows you how to ensure your Halloween offers are found by publishers.