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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

No matter the quirks, kinks, hang-ups, or love affair with your body hair, Nood is here to help you feel good as hell.

Nood is hair removal with skin in mind. Nood pairs the best skincare products with the most effective at-home hair removal solution that leaves users with skin so soft they want to brag about it.

Why Nood?

IPL is one of the safest permanent solutions for hair reduction out there. On top of soft, smooth skin free of ingrown hairs, it can even improve the surrounding skin in some cases.

Laser hair removal with IPL at home packs even more benefits. It’s more convenient, efficient, and comfortable. It’s also way more cost-effective.

Laser technology is revolutionary but can get expensive. At-home laser hair removal means you pay a one-time fee for an at-home device, saving you money in the long run.

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Good nood!

Nood likes to give back to organizations including PCOS Challenge, a non-profit dedicated to research and awareness for those struggling with PCOS.

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