Affiliate Roundup: Coupon Trends, Consumer Trust, and More

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This week in FMTC’s Affiliate Roundup: Martech Record’s annual buyer’s guide is here. New data around spending habits further highlights the importance of a good deal. Lower prices in the past quarter certainly didn’t hurt, either. Plus, some thought leadership about tech in affiliate — how it helps, how it doesn’t, and where we can go from here.

Best Practices, Explainers, and Opinions

YouTube Expands Eligibility To Its Partner And Shopping Affiliate Programs

In June, YouTube cut its subscriber threshold in half for creators to gain eligibility to the Shopping program.

Source: MediaPost

Is there an argument that better tech in the affiliate space has made things worse?

Affiliate “is in a much better state than it ever has been,” but more convoluted tech means more convoluted returns.

Source: James Little

Case Studies, Profiles, and Awards

2023 Affiliate Buyer’s Guide: Richer respondent pool provides broad industry perspective

Martech Record’s annual insights feature data from 83% more respondents than 2022.

Source: Martech Record

Events, Webinars, and Podcasts

MARCC Event breakdown the components of trust and demonstrate how they are the foundation of a changing industry

Key takeaways from the July event include best practices in consumer trust.

Source: Martech Record

Affiliate Marketing Podcast — Part 2: Questions We Ask Ourselves About the Future of Affiliate Marketing

CPA and the value of data are topics of conversation in the follow-up to last week‘s season opener.

Source: Affiverse

Affiliate Adjacent

More consumers plan to use coupons, shop sales this back-to-school season

Data from the past five years shows that more Americans are looking to save when it comes to back-to-school than in 2019.

Source: Insider Intelligence

Consumers want coupons, most not happy about economy

More than half of Americans are feeling pessimistic about the current economy, and 50% are even cutting non-essential spending.

Source: Retail Consumer Experience

Online Prices Fell 1.6% Overall In July, But Apparel Rose: Adobe

Apparel, pet products, over-the-counter medications, and home improvement supplies are among categories with increased prices year over year.

Source: MediaPost

Advertisers Losing $6.6B To Bid Shading

Only about one-third of media buyers understand bid shading, and it’s costing them over $6 billion in wasted ad spend.

Source: MediaPost

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