Affiliate Roundup: Contract Terms, Influencer Costs & Lawsuits, & More

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The Most Interesting Happenings in Affiliate, in 7 Bullet Points or Fewer

This week in FMTC’s Affiliate Roundup: Unlicensed and undisclosed ads draw legal ire across two continents, we explore influencer costs and contracts, and we look ahead to the idiosyncrasies of Q4 in 2024.

  • [Features] Button revolutionizes retail media, blending affiliate marketing with new e-commerce opportunities.
  • [Case Studies, Profiles, & Awards] Google’s core update is causing smaller affiliate sites to lose rankings, but brand search can help them recover.
  • [Case Studies, Profiles, & Awards] In addition to FTC scrutiny, brands and influencers now face consumer lawsuits under similar state laws.
  • [Case Studies, Profiles, & Awards] A handful of ads in the UK were banned for indirectly promoting unlicensed vapes through affiliate links.
  • [Best Practices, Explainers, & Opinion] Review these terms you may find in contracts and how they affect publishers.
  • [Best Practices, Explainers, & Opinion] The Q4 calendar is a bit unique this year, leading to a few extra considerations.
  • [Best Practices, Explainers, & Opinion] Explore influencer costs in 2024, the factors that shape them, and how to find affordable partnerships.

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