Affiliate Roundup: Advice for finfluencers; Rakuten brings back Big Give Week

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In this week’s Affiliate Roundup: a guide on how to be a finfluencer; affiliate strategies to use for iOS14.5; and Rakuten to host another Big Give Week. Find these articles and more of the latest news in affiliate!

Best Practices, Explainers and Predictions

Affiliate marketing for financial products just got harder

Guidance advice for finfluencers.

Source: Lexology

Must-Have Affiliate Strategies Your Brand Needs with iOS14.5

Three steps to implement following the iOS14.5 launch.

Source: Acceleration Partners

Case Studies, Profiles and Awards

Rakuten Prepares For Big Give Week To Reward Loyalty

During last year’s event, participating brands saw “115% increase in sales, a 174% increase in shopping trips, and a 106% increase in orders, compared with an average day.”

Source: MediaPost

Events, Webinars and Podcasts

Are Affiliate Toolbars and Browser Extensions Helping or Hurting Your Cause?

A recap of PMA’s roundtable discussion.

Source: LinkConnector

Growth Marketing – Paid Media Then to Now

Featuring Yoann Pavy, CMO at Nude, a fintech startup.

Source: Affiliate Marketing Podcast

The Rise of the Affluencer

The push to draw influencers into affiliate programs.

Source: Profitable Performance Marketing

Affiliate Adjacent

Brands Revisit Ad Strategies As Inflation Leaps To 8.5%

How inflation has affected advertising costs.

Source: MediaPost

Local Digital Ad Spend To Surpass $92B, Budgets Shift From Paid Search To Targeted Banners

Borrell Associates forthcoming 2022 Benchmarking report to show shifts in digital advertising away from paid search.

Source: MediaPost

Site Search Fixes To Reduce Massive Ecommerce Returns

How improving site search results can decrease merchandise returns.

Source: MediaPost

The Need for Holistic Measurement: The Nielsen Report 2022

Nielsen’s “Era of Alignment” report shows learning lessons of the past two years and key areas to prioritize now.

Source: PerformanceIN

The Warner Bros.-Discovery deal has officially closed

Notice of merger of Warner Bros. Discovery.

Source: TechCrunch

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