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An exciting FMTC update, years in the making.

Written by Brook Schaaf

On behalf of everyone at FMTC — especially our developers, Anthony, Ian, Hannah, Matthew, Siddiqui, Nick, new dad Ruben, Steven, Victoria, and their lead, Josh — I am thrilled and delighted to announce our v3 API beta. 

We officially started this stack rebuild on September 10, 2021. Over the past two years, five months, and 27 days, 12 developers and quality assurance specialists have put in over 44,500 developer hours and 6,300 QA hours resolving 1,808 user stories. Yes, there is quite a lot to FMTC. Every day human data processors proof and correct thousands of deals from tens of thousands of merchants and our software processes hundreds of millions of products.

The improved backend includes new parsers for our network data sources and new networks can be added more quickly. API users can take advantage of pagination and 14 field arrays with 150 options compared to a past single array with 53 options. Our database includes new tables so that relationships between, say, merchants and manufacturers can easily be identified. This structure will readily support soon-to-be-added metadata for each deal, which will further support filtering, ranking, and negotiation. Many more wonderful features are in the pipeline for this year.

Our new user portal will go live soon, with legacy access throughout the transition period, ending Friday, August 30, 2024. Existing subscribers can immediately migrate to v3 endpoints.

Let me close by extending my gratitude to the entire FMTC team, who have provided so much input, and likewise to our subscribers and supporters, without whom we couldn’t be here.

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