Larissa’s Roadtrip Adventure to California

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If you emailed me last week, you probably saw my OOO response that I was moving to California. Well, I made it! My family and I drove over 48 hours across the beautiful USA and arrived at our new home near Sacramento, CA. I wanted to share a few highlights of our journey, just for fun.

I must say that the roadtrip was exhausting and definitely a challenge trying to entertain a 1-year old the entire time, but still worth it! We weren’t able to make quite as many fun stops due to bad weather in the mid-west (tornado season!). The places we did stop, although, were fun to see.

My husband and I are foodies so some of the main highlights were restaurants we got to try. My favorite place was First Watch in St. Louis with the most amazing bacon and pancakes. We also had to eat at In-N-Out in the first state we were able to. It was 10:00pm but we just had to have it when we arrived in Salt Lake City. Side note, my husband and I both used to work there as teenagers.

My daughter saw snow for the first time in Nebraska, which she was not quite sure what to think of it. She did eat some, as all babies do. For any car lovers out there, we visited the Classic Car Collection in Kearney, Nebraska. Definitely my husband’s favorite stop!

The most beautiful state to drive through was Wyoming with the green rolling hills and snowy mountains. I also enjoyed stopping in Laramie that had a cute downtown area. We stopped by Coal Creek Coffee and then went to the Geological Museum at the University of Wyoming.

On our last day of travel, we passed through the Tahoe National Forest. The mountains were gorgeous and still had some fresh snow. It was the perfect end to our journey and now we are happy in our new home! Feel free to comment below if you have some favorite roadtrip stops or memories. We’d love to hear them!



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