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Written by Brook Schaaf

On Tuesday, nominations for five seats on the Performance Marketing Association’s 2024 board closed, with voting to commence soon. Currently serving are a diverse and experienced group of industry veterans: Jeannine Crooks, Awin; Kelly Ground, Gray Harbor Digital; Chris Tradgett, Moonpull; Debbi Dougherty, Rakuten Advertising; Dustin Howes, Performance Marketing Manager; Lee-Ann Johnstone, Affiverse; and Jade Mayberry, dentsu.

As a co-founder and former president, the PMA remains dear to my heart, and I hope to see its mission expand and voice grow louder to better champion our channel. In surveying the current landscape, it occurs to me my wish might soon be fulfilled by Kevin Edwards’ just-launched organization across the pond, the Affiliate & Partner Marketing Association (APMA).

Edwards, with whom I spoke, is a former long-time employee of Awin and past volunteer for the now-defunct IAB UK’s affiliate committee. He seems to feel a deep calling for improvement of the channel and even a personal responsibility to push it forward.

This month he launched the APMA with an impressive 20 to 30 founding members. Last month he issued a report on affiliate marketing in the UK, in which he wrote, “Our channel accounts for more than 10% of UK retail sales but only 4% of marketing spend.” To me this just about sums up the biggest problem we currently face.

Can the APMA single-handedly solve this problem in the UK? Too soon to tell, but it surely won’t hurt to have such an organization in two major markets. I am hopeful the new organization’s efforts will complement the U.S. PMA, which continues to be an important information clearing house and networking hub in our community. 

And, to close, if I may — the PMA would benefit from FMTC’s own Katie Jones, who is standing for election to the board.

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