See How We’ve Improved! Deal Processing Stats

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Deal Processing

Our primary goal here at FMTC is to provide quality data to publishers in a timely manner. Working with us as a program manager is a great way to get your deals out to publishers and know that they are working properly. To ensure quality, our data entry team manually validates each offer by doing the following deal processing:

  • Testing codes to ensure they work and take off the correct amount
  • Making sure the landing pages are correct (if not, they can build links to the correct page if the merchant allows deeplinking)
  • Categorizing the type of offer (coupon, sale, free shipping, etc.)
  • Categorizing the type of product (apparel, house and home, electronics, etc.)
  • Standardizing the labels for consistency (instead of “Save more on your entire order with 20% off now!” we make it “20% off any order”)


Deal Processing

If you were working with us in 2017, you may have noticed a delay in deal processing due to the large influx of offers from new and existing merchants. In order to keep up with the increase in deals and improve our processing times, we ramped up our data engineer team by hiring more data engineers and also implementing improvements in our backend.

Want to know just how much we improved? Here are some stats from our key performance indicators.

    • The data engineer team processed 48,887 more deals in 2018 than 2017
    • The processing speed increase has decreased the number of deals waiting to be processed by an average of 43,207 per year

As you can see, the average incoming deals per month increased by almost 11,000 and the average number of deals processed per month increased by 9,640. That’s a lot more deals being added to our feed and made available to publishers each month.

We also took a sample of 25 premium merchants and found that the average processing times for their deals were under 1 hour during Q4, our busiest time of year! For Coupons, it was 53 minutes and for Deals, it was 57 minutes. You can learn more about our premium features here.

We are always looking for ways to improve our service, so if you have any suggestions or questions feel free to let us know!

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