Member Features & Benefits

We provide tools and services to Merchants and OPMs. Some are available for free, but others require a paid subscription.

Content Management

Both Free and Premium users have access to an interface showing you the content we have for your program(s). You’ll see the same thing your affiliates see in our system and let us know if we should make any changes. Here’s an example of the detailed content available for each deal:


“Push” Deals

Premium subscribers can add a coupon, sale, free shipping offer or gift with purchase. These deals can be pushed to all affiliates or you can make them exclusive for select affiliates.



Expedited Deal Processing

Boost the priority of your program’s deals in our queue. Each deal receives a queue score according to its percentage off, expiration date, number of our clients (your affiliates) who have chosen the program AND whether or not the merchant is a paid subscriber. So, deals for Premium subscribers are expedited through our processing systems and get out for distribution to our clients’ sites faster.


Program Details for the Merchant Hub

Free merchant and OPM users can enter contact information and verify basic details about your program in the Merchant Hub. Premium subscribers have the ability to add and manage a full list of premium details.

Click here for a live look at a Premium subscriber. Compare that to a free user’s program details by clicking here.


Agency Details (for OPMs)

All OPMs can enter contact information, social media links, and verify basic details about their company for listing on our OPM Directory. Premium subscribers, can also add descriptions and specialties. Premium OPM subscribers also receive a priority listing in the directory, and “Featured” tags on their listing.


Deal & Program Alerts

Premium subscribers can share up to 10 alerts each month. Alerts will appear:


  • On the FMTC dashboard
  • In email messages to our clients, including our newsletter
  • On our Twitter feed (limited to 1/week)
  • On our Facebook page (limited to 1/week)

Whenever you have changes to a program or if a promotion is coming up we can distribute the message for you. Here’s how they look sitting at the top of the dashboard for all of our clients:

Featured Merchant Placement

Your program will appear (rotated) in the Featured Merchant Placement section on our dashboard. Here you can promote your program with your logo and a link to your merchant profile page. Affiliates will be able to easily learn more about your program, join it and add it to their FMTC feed.



Deals Download

Premium subscribers can download a CSV file of all the deals we have in our database for each of your programs. Instead of logging into separate networks and weeding through the data yourself, just download the file from us for quick access to clean, organized content whenever you need it.


Product Datafeed Cleanup Tool

We’re not distributing product datafeeds to affiliates just yet, but we are taking the first step in offering Premium subscribers a way to clean up the feeds you pull from your shopping carts so that they are ready to be uploaded to your affiliate networks. The tool will:

  • datafeed-cleaning-toolRemove HTML tags from your feed
  • Clean HTML entities in your feed
  • Remove non-printable control characters
  • Clean white space by removing leading, trailing and double spaces

Simply download the file from your shopping cart, and upload it to our system. Within minutes, we’ll clean and reformat it for you.


Newsletter InclusionExtra, Extra, Read All About it!

With a premium account, we’ll include a message about your program in our weekly newsletter that goes out to our entire mailing list. This will include your program description, program details, and we’ll also include a special promotion of your choosing.


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