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As a publisher, you know managing paid placement campaigns can be a long, disorganized process. It requires a lot of time and patience to get everything in order via email or phone calls. In addition, you may not have the correct contact since contact info can be outdated. On top of that, it’s hard to know who has a budget for paid placements. If this sounds familiar, there is a new solution we’d like to introduce to you.

Now you can take the hassle out of managing campaigns with the new Rakuten Marketing Placements Marketplace. This tool expedites the paid placement campaign by having a centralized location to be discovered by advertisers, as well as communicate and negotiate with them.

How it Works

The Placements Marketplace is a two-sided marketplace where advertisers and publishers are able to:

  • Discover each other
    • Connect with the right partners who fit your audience the best
  • Communicate budgets and opportunities
    • Interact with advertisers using the direct messaging feature
  • Negotiate effectively in a centralized location 
    • Customize pricing for each campaign
    • Generate IOs: Utilize automation and streamlined workflows to generate insertion orders
  • Manage campaigns
    • View, manage and act on campaigns and proposals that are moving through the sales process
  • Keep clean data within your Rakuten dashboard
    • Track what was purchased and when it will be paid out

Essentially, you’ll be able to provide a profile page that acts as a rate card with the inventory you add. Below is the publisher view of campaigns where you’ll be able to respond:

Discovery Marketplace

This is where advertisers can view a listing of publishers that have inventory set as public. It allows you to showcase inventory and make it easier for advertisers to request proposals from specific inventory types. Currently, advertisers can filter by a seasonal event, like Back to School, or by placement type:

Paid Placement Reporting

Paid placement reporting provides a holistic view of everything you’ve sold, what you should be running, and with who. This makes your life easier by being able to manage placements in one place, all within your current dashboard:

Benefits for Publishers

  • Identify advertisers that have available budget and reach out with a proposal
  • Easily list placement inventory
  • Create custom proposals and pricing for each placement
  • Auto-generate and sign digital IOs
  • Communicate directly with advertisers for more successful campaigns
  • Gain access using your existing login

Most importantly, this tool allows you to sell more in less time. The simple set up helps you launch campaigns quickly and more easily. Use this platform to help solve workflow issues so that you will be able to focus on the campaigns and grow your partnerships.

Request more information here to learn how to get started!

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