How to Make Affiliate Marketing Easier (For the Enterprise-Level Publisher)

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Our Mission


Our mission at FMTC is to make affiliate marketing easier so you can become a hero. We provide you with solutions to save hours of valuable time and reduce stress. These solutions provide the highest-quality data with the most deals from a single point of access.


Let us do the tedious work for you, so you and your team can focus on the other aspects of growing your business.


How do you save time and maximize efficiency as a publisher?


How do you save time and maximize efficiency as an enterprise-level publisher? Chances are, you and your team spend enormous amounts of time each week finding affiliate links across multiple networks, testing them and posting on your website.


To keep your clients happy and maintain your stellar reputation, you’ll want to have the most recent, highest-quality data on your site as quickly as you can.


This is a great goal, but it can definitely mean hours of stress and tedious work. How can FMTC help you streamline your process to be more efficient and save man hours? Here are a few ways we help publishers reach their goals and maintain their sanity.


Issue #1: I don’t want broken links on my site


As a publisher, you want a reputation of reliability. When a user clicks a link on your site and it ends up on a 404 error page, it can lead to frustration. They may lose trust in your ability to provide reliable content and visit other sites to find products and deals.


Additionally, broken links can hurt your SEO, leading to more problems down the line. It’s important to constantly check and audit your links to make sure nothing is broken.


How can you save time checking all these links?


It’s simple: Use links from FMTC’s datafeeds.


Before our data processing team posts a deal, they always check the link first. When the link ends up on a 404 page, the link is placed in a hold queue until the team can get it fixed. This involves reaching out to the merchant and letting them know the link is broken, and checking the status periodically to see if it’s been fixed. Again, until our team verifies it’s fixed, they do not post the deal to our datafeed.


Issue #2: Sometimes a link works, but it doesn’t go to the right product


When you’re rushing through to check deals, it’s easy to overlook smaller errors. Maybe a 404 page will catch your attention, but a page that lands on the wrong product doesn’t stand out.


Catching these errors requires more attention to detail than a broken link. Fixing the link requires logging onto the network, finding the deal and using a deep link builder to create a new link — and that’s if the advertiser even allows deep linking.


At FMTC, we’ll find all of these deals for you and fix them before posting, so all you have to do is grab your link. If the merchant doesn’t allow deep linking and the link goes to the wrong product or page, we’ll even reach out and ask them to fix it. After they let us know it’s fixed, we’ll confirm it’s fixed by re-testing. Again, we won’t post it until it’s working perfectly.


Issue #3: I don’t have time to edit all of the labels, but sometimes they’re wrong or don’t make sense


Labels can cause frustration as well. Sometimes a merchant will put the label in the wrong field when adding it to the network. Other times, the label won’t make sense or will be very vague.


For example, a label could read “30% off.” This might make you think it’s a 30% off sitewide deal. However, after combing through the description or reading the site, you may learn it’s actually 30% off a certain category of items.


You may also come across deals posted by foreign advertisers. These deals often have grammar and spelling errors.


You may even realize that a coupon code is required for this deal, and they didn’t list it on the network.


If you simply post the deal as is, it may cause confusion for visitors to your site. Allowing FMTC to vet deals for you will save you hours of tedious work and keep your visitors happy.


Issue #4: I’d like to add logos to my site, but it takes so much time to click around trying to find different logos for each merchant.


When we integrate a merchant into our system, we have a dedicated team member who goes back and adds the logo for each merchant. To access it, you’ll just visit the merchant’s profile page. There you can find up-to-date logos in 2 sizes (120×60 and 88×31) so you can use the one best suited to your needs.


In addition, we’re currently working on updating all of our logos to remove any white backgrounds and replace them with a transparent background. This allows you to use these merchant logos on a variety of website designs and colors.


Issue #5: Website visitors say coupon codes don’t work for them


A coupon code may not work for a few reasons.


One often-overlooked situation is when a coupon excludes certain brands or categories. A customer may see a coupon code for $5 off a $50+ order at Bed Bath & Beyond. When they add an item to their cart and try to apply the code, it doesn’t work. Why is this? Usually it’s due to an extensive list of terms and conditions not listed with the coupon code.


If you’ve ever read the terms and conditions on certain coupon codes, they can exclude many popular brands. A sporting goods store coupon may exclude discounts on brands such as Nike Jordans. A Bed Bath & Beyond coupon most likely excludes items such as that new KitchenAid food processor your customer was trying to purchase with your coupon.


Our data processing team pays careful attention to catch these types of inconsistencies. Not only that, but we have a field in our system that allows us to input terms and conditions. If exclusions apply, we’ll let you know so you can include this information on your website.


Passing this information along to your audience will help avoid frustration when trying to purchase gift cards, excluded brands, or other categories not included in the “sitewide” discount.


Issue #6: I need deals for a specific category, but it’s hard to find these easily on the networks


Sometimes deals on the networks are categorized improperly. Categories offered on the networks can also be vague or not inclusive of all the categories of deals available.


Here is a glimpse of the many deal categories we have for you to filter through:



Not only do we categorize deals by the type of product (men’s footwear, televisions, etc.) we also categorize by deal type.


You can filter through our feed to find deals based on a number of criteria.


These deal types can include discount type (percent off or dollar off), shipping offers (such as free shipping on any order), and much more. We also indicate whether the deal is a product sale, a category sale, or a sitewide sale. If the deal involves a coupon code, we’ll put them in a specific category for publishers who want coupon codes exclusively.


Last, we also filter deals by country. Need AU deals only? We’ve got you covered. How about deals with worldwide shipping? Yep, we have those too. We even have special subscription levels for UK, AU, CA or US-only, so you don’t have to worry about filtering out deals you’ll never need.


Issue #7: I don’t want any old or outdated content, but it takes so much time to keep up with it


We’re proactive about updating old content!


We work directly with merchants who let us know when their content needs to be updated. This allows you to be confident the data you access is the most up-to-date.


Our team also ensures that deals have expiration dates where appropriate. In addition, we periodically check over evergreen or ongoing deals. If they’re expired even though there was no expiration date, we remove it from the system.


We also have something called a “change queue”. When a deal is changed on the network, our system automatically updates the deal with these changes and drops it in our change queue. Our data processors will check to be sure the update is valid, make the necessary changes, and then post it again.


Solve all these issues and more


Even just one of these features will save you enormous amounts of time. By subscribing to FMTC’s datafeeds, you’ll access all of these features, and many more. We average over 150,000 deals at any given time. These deals are from 12,000+ different merchants across 23 affiliate networks. We break them down by category, deal type, discount type, and more.


For more information on pricing and features, please visit our pricing page. For any other inquiries, feel free to use the contact form on our homepage or email [email protected]. We look forward to helping you reach your affiliate marketing goals.



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