FMTC Tech Corner: The Product Feed

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FMTC tech corner

FMTC Tech Corner

Over the last few months, we’ve started a Tech Corner section on our blog to assist FMTC users with their technical questions. Today’s post outlines our Product Feed.

Merchants make deals and offers available in their affiliate programs every day. They also make product feeds available in their affiliate networks. FMTC is known for stepping into the void and being a leader in its ability to handle large amounts of data across multiple merchants and multiple networks to make the information available in a standardized way for everyone to use. That is why we started the FMTC Product Feed, also known as a Shopping Feed or a Product Catalog.


The FMTC Product Feed

The Product feed allows our clients to access and monetize products from our partners. For merchants who follow best practices by updating and completing their Product Feed on a regular basis, FMTC has taken the steps to pull the information available. As discussed in a previous Tech Corner article, we utilize the power of an API to distribute this data to our clients.

Our Product Feed API allows clients to access these products programmatically. This API has two endpoints that allow you to process this data (detailed below). The data that you receive has already been normalized and standardized by FMTC to make the process easier for you. The main endpoint that our users will use is getProducts.


A more detailed description of the API endpoints:


Returns a list of products from your selected merchants. You have the option to limit this list in many ways including Merchants, Brands, and/or Categories. Since our feed updates once a day, clients generally run cron (scheduled) jobs daily to get any product updates. There are more advanced features to this endpoint that are described in our Documentation.


Returns your list of selected merchants, as chosen by you in your FMTC account. This list of merchants is different from the Deal Feed, so make sure you are looking at the correct page when selecting your Product Feed merchants. Clients generally call this endpoint before the getProducts endpoint to pull products on a merchant basis; however, this is an optional step.

When you’re ready for more details, contact our team for more information on the API.

– Josh Hutter

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