FMTC Featured Merchant – Motorola

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Motorola has over 85-years of history. They pioneered the world’s first mobile cell phone and then went on to dominate the cellphone world with the Razr. In an industry that was stagnant on incremental innovation for almost 10 years, with the Moto Z and moto mods, Motorola has reimagined what a smartphone can do. Moto mods transform the moto z into an entirely new device. Think a super-zoom camera, a boombox, a projector and more.

For too long smartphone technology hasn’t changed. But why would you want to be the same, when you could be different? Moto is here to reimagine the smartphone. Because different is better. And different makes a much better phone.

Check out Motorola’s most popular product, the Moto Z with accompanying Moto Mods.

Motorola Affiliate Program Features

  • Dedicated affiliate program management through Gen3 Marketing on the CJ Affiliate platform
  • 1-2% commission on every order

Motorola is proud to deliver their innovative products to an even bigger audience through you. Customers get free 2-day shipping within the Continental US on orders over $75.


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