FMTC Featured Merchant: Click & Grow

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Click & Grow’s smart countertop gardens bridge the gap between modern life and nature. Designed in Estonia and infused with timeless Nordic design, our gardens grow a variety of plants with no mess and no previous experience needed. With Click & Grow, anyone can become a gardener and grow their own delicious food!

Unlike most competitive offers, our products are not hydroponic and don’t use a pump. This means our gardens are much easier to maintain, guesswork-free, and completely silent. All this makes our gardens an excellent choice for anyone looking to add more green to their home with no added hassle!

Why Click & Grow?

Partner with Click & Grow and help bring revolutionary smart indoor gardens to folks around the globe! Our program offers generous commissions for referrals and is open to a variety of partnership types.

Growing your own food is pleasant, relaxing, and good for the environment — but that’s not even the best part. Greens and herbs that sprout in your Click & Grow garden skip all the additives, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers on their way to your plate. Instead, our plants grow faster and are filled with nutritional value thanks to our patented Smart Soil. Hailing from the island of Hiiumaa, this natural compound loads your food with vitamins while automatically maintaining oxygen and moisture levels.

Affiliate Program Details

  • $150 AOV
  • Baseline commission of 10%
  • Up to 20% commission for select partners
  • Exclusive offers for partners’ followers
  • Dedicated partner team for partner success
  • Open to partnerships via Rakuten (MID 45020), CJ (CID 4297609), and in-house
  • Products featured on Discovery Channel, Vogue, TechCrunch, New York Times, Wired, and CNet
  • Managed in-house

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Farming for Fifteen!

With fifteen years in business, we pride ourselves on delivering hyperlocal farming to people across many countries and letting more and more people experience at-home gardening each year.

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