FMTC Data Processed in Q1 2019

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Data Processed in Q1 2019 vs. Q1 2018


We’ve collected a summary of statistics from our data processing team in Q1 2019. Compared to Q1 2018, we’ve seen significant growth in merchants added, incoming deals, and processed deals — both manual and automated. Check out the charts below and get a visual of the increase in value we’re providing our clients.


Auto-Processed Deals:


What are auto-processed deals?

To eliminate the processing delay, we are now offering an auto-processing service for merchants.

We apply advanced scripts, written uniquely for each program that automatically process the deals. As soon as you post deals at the network they will be pulled, automatically processed by our system, and made available in our feed.

No need to fear unverified data! We are still validating deals by manually reviewing and testing them after our system processes them for any abnormalities or new situations that the custom scripts weren’t expecting.

Here’s a visual of how much our auto-processing has grow in the last year:



For more information on auto-processed deals, click here.


Average Daily Deals Processed:


On average, we’re processing a couple hundred more deals per day this year than last year.




Average Incoming Deals:


With the increase in merchants added and expansion of our data processing team, we’re seeing significantly more deals coming in today vs. a year ago:




Total Incoming Deals:


Again, our total incoming deals continues to increase. The value we pass along to our clients continues to grow on a daily, monthly and yearly basis:



Merchants Added by Month:


The more merchants we add, the more deals and wider variety we can offer you. Check out how many more merchants we’ve added this last quarter:



Total Deals Processed:


An increase in deals coming through our queues wouldn’t matter if we weren’t processing them. Check out how many more deals we’re actually processing compared to last year:





Bonus: Hours spent adding deals


Our data processing team spends hours of focused work processing deals to pass along to you. Here’s a glance of how many hours we spent in March 2019 alone:



We’re continuing to see growth and expansion of deals on a regular basis. Our data processing team is dedicated to delivering the highest-quality content at the fastest speed possible. Got any questions or feedback? Just email [email protected] and we’ll be happy to assist you and pass along your comments.


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