Optional Services: Auto-Processing


Working with us is a great way to get your deals out to publishers and know that they are working properly. Our data entry team manually validates each offer by doing the following:


  • Testing codes to ensure they work and take off the correct amount
  • Making sure the landing pages are correct (if not, they can build links to the correct page if the merchant allows deeplinking)
  • Categorizing the type of offer (coupon, sale, free shipping, etc.)
  • Categorizing the type of product (apparel, house and home, electronics, etc.)
  • Standardizing the labels for consistency (instead of “Save more on your entire order with 20% off now!” we make it “20% off any order”)


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Auto-Processing Details


We automatically pull deals from the networks once a program is integrated, but they are not immediately processed by our system to allow data engineers to verify the offers. Though this ensures top quality data, it can sometimes cause a delay in when publishers can access the offers. To eliminate the processing delay, we are now offering an auto-processing service for merchants.


With this service, we apply advanced scripts, written uniquely for each program that automatically process the deals. So, as soon as you post deals at the network they will be pulled, automatically processed by our system, and made available in our feed.


No need to fear unverified data! We are still validating deals by manually reviewing and testing them after our system processes them for any abnormalities or new situations that the custom scripts weren’t expecting


Auto-Processing Pricing


There is a one-time setup fee and a monthly premium subscription required for continued automation:

  • $500 setup fee if your program is on one network + $50/month premium subscription
  • $750 setup fee if your program is on multiple networks + $75/month premium subscription


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