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Cyber Week 2022

Written by Brook Schaaf

Another November has come and gone and, with it, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, which saw, according to Adobe, $5.3, $9.1, and $11.3 billion in sales in the United States. These numbers are slightly up from last year, perhaps enough to beat inflation.

Adobe projects a total of $210.1 billion for these last two months of the year.

Martech Record published some numbers from Awin specific to affiliate. Interestingly, click volume nearly doubled against a similar number of transactions, from an average of 10.3 clicks per transaction in 2021 to 20.25 this year, with double-digit transactional gains for loyalty, cashback, and sub-affiliate networks. A boost of 3% in advertiser revenue was matched with a boost of 14% in publisher commissions, which indicated aggressive retailer promotions.

For FMTC’s part, our peak volume for 2021 after Thanksgiving was 221,362 active deals, including 31,020 coupons from 17,193 merchants. This year we saw 180,855 active deals, including 22,441 coupons from 19,356 merchants. For the entire month of November 2021, we had 425,239 deals, of which 51,423 were coupons; in 2022, we processed 360,571 deals, of which 40,668 were coupons.

If there is a significant drop off in coupons with more overall spending and more discounting in affiliate, that indicates that merchants may be discounting more without coupons and not entering their sales into the networks.

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