Bring in the Harvest: Seasonal Promotion Tips for Affiliate Managers

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Bring in the Harvest: Seasonal Promotion Tips for Affiliate Managers

Fall Promotion Tips for Ecommerce Merchants

Are you ready for fall? I sure am! Who doesn’t love pumpkin flavored everything, football, scarves, boots, and the feeling of crisp, fresh air on your face? Well, I’ll admit that sometimes they do go a bit overboard with the pumpkin flavored things, but I can appreciate the effort. Now that the season is changing and we’ve just stepped foot into Q4, you’re going to want to do everything you can to promote your brand and keep your affiliates and your customers engaged.

Develop Your Eye For Fall Opportunities

fall promotion tips
One thing you can do is go through your products and see what items you can promote for the season. Then put together newsletters and blog posts focusing on these items, especially if you’ve got a coupon or discount to go along with them. If you’ve got apparel, pick out cute and cozy sweaters, scarves, boots, and maybe even put together some outfits. Some sites will even list all products to an outfit on one page so customers can add them to their cart at the same time.

Product-Based Promotion Ideas

fall promotion tips
If you sell cookware or food, promoting products used in fall recipes will be especially effective when Thanksgiving rolls around, and EVERYONE is looking for new cookware, dishware, and the best ingredients to make their special feast. Speaking of things for the home, decorations are always a huge hit. I love to decorate for each season and will even change some of my art, throws, and pillows to colors that fit the season.

If you sell electronics, find items that people would want during fall such as new TVs for the big game, audio so they can blast music at their Halloween party, or gifts for the upcoming Christmas holiday. For any category of product, get creative and find ways to draw people’s attention to it.

Creative Codes For Non-Seasonal Items

fall promotion tipsIf you don’t seem to have any products that you can tie into fall, just create a fun fall coupon code to distribute that gets users excited for the season. Halloween is always an excellent time where you can get creative with your codes, like SPOOKY10, GHOST20, or TREAT30. And don’t forget to include GOBBLE somewhere during Thanksgiving.

LarissaStart Q4 strong by brainstorming products to promote and get those newsletters and blog posts rolling! Then you can reap in the harvest while you sip your pumpkin spice latte.

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