fmtc opm subscription perks

OPM – Subscription Perks

If you have an OPM account with us, you may be wondering what exactly that does for you. Unsure about the features you can access? This post will provide all the answers!

fmtc deal ranking and how it affects your clients

How FMTC’s Deal Rankings Affect You

This post teaches you how FMTC ranks deals, how deal rankings affect affiliates, and what you can do to improve deal rankings for your clients.

best practices for working with bloggers

Best Practices For Working With Bloggers

Bloggers are an incredible asset to the performance marketing industry and being able to connect with them can be a vital part of your program’s success. The culture of the blogger world is different than affiliate marketing. Here are some ways to ensure a strong start to your partnerships with bloggers.

FMTC merchant info page

Merchant Info Page

If you manage a merchant program, you can see what information FMTC provides to publishers through your merchant info page. This post shows you how to access this page and how to update the information.

FMTC OPM Directory

New OPM Directory

FMTC is excited to announce the addition of our new, OPM Directory! Our clients can use the OPM directory to learn more about OPM’s and the programs they manage.

FMTC support reviews customer service FMTC

FMTC Support

One under-valued feature of FMTC’s data feed is the support you receive from us; before, during, and after you become a client. Rest assured that your issues will be addressed quickly and competently.

fmtc datafeeds

Content Datafeeds

This post breaks down the feed products that FMTC offers, how to access them, and how they differ from the raw network feeds.

affiliate program managers want to work with fmtc

Why Program Managers Want to Work With FMTC

We provide accurate and current data to our clients. Program managers that work closely with FMTC ultimately save money and resources, because more of their affiliates promote only current offers.