Affiliate Roundup: Cookies, New Referrals, and More

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This week in FMTC’s Affiliate Roundup: From Tesla and Goodwill to Pinterest and popcorn, we’re exploring several new and upcoming ways to make money in the affiliate and referral space — and some possibly outdated ones.

Case Studies, Profiles, and Awards

Wirecutter tests new content on different platforms to increase affiliate revenue

Wirecutter identifies and explores new avenues to diversify and strengthen relationships with affiliates.

Source: Digiday

GoodwillFinds brings on new executives with plans to hit 1 million listings by the end of the year

Though they’re on the newer side in the affiliate space, GoodwillFinds is looking to scale quickly.

Source: Modern Retail

Tesla brings back European referral program as end of Q1 nears

Tesla’s real-life affiliate program comes back revamped, offering “Loot Box Credits” to successful referrers.

Source: TechCrunch

How Dotdash Meredith worked through the challenge of integrating two major publishers’ tech stacks

Following the successful merger two years in the making, Dotdash Meredith continues to innovate, integrate, and look forward.

Source: Digiday

How a Quebec-Based Snack Maker’s Play Into Affiliate Marketing Fizzled

Affiliates share details — and the lessons learned — from a partnership that didn’t quite take off.

Source: The Esports Advocate

Life on the Other Side: Why Do Publishers Get Such a Raw Deal?

Kevin Edwards shares his thoughts on user experience in the affiliate industry.

Source: Hello Partner

Affiliate Adjacent

Pinterest is testing new ways to shop in Shuffles collages

Pinterest’s sister products, including Shuffles and Catalogs, are exploring new integrations, such as online shopping, to increase user and brand value.

Source: TechCrunch

Study: Cookies’ Low Match Rates Cost Ad Tech Millions. Moving Off Cookies May Be The Answer.

A closer look at some data behind cookies in the ad space.

Source: AdExchanger

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