how fmtc works with skimlinks

How FMTC Works with Skimlinks

FMTC has a partnership with Skimlinks so that our clients can monetize their links with their Skimlinks ID and earn commissions. Here’s how it works…

fmtc favorite board games

Let the good times roll….

The FMTC team loves game night. Here a list of our team’s favorite board games. You’ll find options for family game night and NSFW night, too.


Affiliate Summit West Tips to Keep You on Track

If you’ve never attended Affiliate Summit, it can be an overwhelming whirlwind, so I’m here to provide you with helpful Affiliate Summit tips. Even if you’ve gone numerous times, I hope these tips will make your trip easier.

2016 FMTC Tech Retreat

2016 FMTC Tech Retreat – Yurt, Meat, Code

FMTC 2016 Tech Retreat Last week was our annual “tech retreat.” We rented a yurt in Ithaca NY for a few days to work, reconnect, and have fun. As a remote company, it is crucial that we interact face to face. The boost to our morale and overall sense of being on a team is […]


Program Managers – Common Questions Answered

A few of the questions that merchants often ask FMTC, then answers to these questions, and an overview of how we work to improve the data for publishers and your affiliate program.


But most of all, Be thankful

Family, friends, football and shopping are just some of the reasons to love Thanksgiving. While the holiday season approaches, the team at FMTC took a few minutes to share traditions, recipes, and memories of this special day of thanks.

verify affiliate deals

Verifying Affiliate Deals to Provide Clean Data

Inaccurate data robs publishers and merchants of conversions that would otherwise be a certainty. The process of verifying affiliate deals is vital to both sides of the affiliate coin. The process of cleaning thousands of offers on a daily basis is a huge undertaking. This post details that process and highlights the data superstars on our team.