three things to do when google likes you

3 Things to do When Google Likes You

Whether you find yourself with a coupon or deal site that’s in good with the Google gods at this point, or you’re hoping to get there at some point – here are three rules to follow to save yourself from the adverse effects that an inevitable shift in favor creates

spring clean productivity

Do These 2 Things to Spring Into Productivity

The dew is here, the sun feels warmer, and the scent of blossoms is in the air. It’s time to take advantage of the season of new life and nurture your business. With a little elbow grease and some post-it notes, you’ll kick the winter blues away.

How to Add Deals in Impact Radius

Uploading links in Impact Radius (IR) is a relatively simple and straightforward process. The versatility of the IR platform, however, allows for a wide range of customizability when uploading promotions. Knowing which type of links you should use–and which types your Media Partners are using–might not be immediately evident.

this is jeopardy


You have been picked to be on the smartest show on national television – Jeopardy! You now have 30 seconds to share the most interesting thing about yourself. What would you say? I asked the FMTC team, and here is what they came up with

opm directory

Agencies – Are You in the OPM Directory?

FMTC provides publishers with the most comprehensive directory of Outsourced Program Managers. If you’re not in our OPM Directory, here’s how to get included. Also, learn how to get prominent placement and advanced features.

fmtc affiliate program

Join the FMTC Affiliate Program!

Refer our award-winning set of affiliate tools and datafeed subscriptions and earn affiliate commissions. Join the FMTC affiliate program today!

fmtc program alerts

New Program Alerts – Keep Publishers in the Loop!

We have added program alerts to the deal alerts feature to help you keep publishers in the loop. Alerts can be for any changes to your program, like commission increases, opportunities, network migrations, or anything else.