productive work day

4 Steps to a Constructive Work Day

I’ve had to adapt and find a battle plan to attack the day so that it’s constructive and not just busy. I’ll share my 4 steps to a constructive and productive day in this post.

how to request merchant in fmtc

Requesting a Merchant Not Currently In FMTC

This post details how to request the addition of an unsupported affiliate program to FMTC. Help us identify the merchants that are most important to your business. Follow these tips to help FMTC get these programs added quickly

5 tips to improve your meetings

Five Ways to Make Your Meetings Better

I wouldn’t be surprised if you have mixed feelings about meetings. On the one hand, you know they are important and can be extremely productive. On the other hand, they can be time wasters that everyone dreads. At FMTC, we strive to make our meetings constructive and beneficial for everyone. So, I’ve gathered a few tips for you to make the most of every meeting minute.

FOREO feature image

Join FOREO – Innovative Health & Beauty Products!

Rooted in smart Swedish design, FOREO believes in creative destruction and perfecting previously “perfected” products – and producing never-before-seen innovations. Learn more about FOREO’s products and their affiliate program…

when are you most creative

Best Time of Day to Be Creative

We’ve all been there before… staring at your computer screen or notepad trying to brainstorm ideas and think creatively, but your creative tank seems to be empty. To help save you some mindless minutes of trying to squeeze out ideas, I’ve done a little research to see what is the best time of day for you to be creative.

three things to do when google likes you

3 Things to do When Google Likes You

Whether you find yourself with a coupon or deal site that’s in good with the Google gods at this point, or you’re hoping to get there at some point – here are three rules to follow to save yourself from the adverse effects that an inevitable shift in favor creates