FMTC best practices for your promotions coupons deals

Best Practices for Your Promotions

With the online coupon market valued at approximately $4 billion per year (USA Today), and the CMO Council reporting 71% of US internet user purchases are influenced by coupons and discounts, promotions are here to stay.

FMTC affiliate recruitment

How to Recruit Affiliates

Since publisher recruitment is a hot topic for any affiliate program, I’ll give you 5 tips on recruiting and let you know how FMTC can help.

Five Fatigue Fighters to Energize Your Work Day

I’ve recently been struggling to stay energized while working and knew I needed to do some research. I found some great tips to share with you anytime you feel like all you want to do is sleep on the job!

getting back to business after vacation

Getting Back to Business after Vacation

Once the fun is over, we must get back into the groove of work. This is more challenging than it seems, so here are some tips to help get you back into a productive work mode.

online shopping survey results from the PMA

PMA News – Online Shopping Survey

Have you ever wondered what consumers really think about shopping online? You may want to know why they prefer online stores and how you can use that knowledge to expand your online marketing. You’re in luck

performance marketing resources

3 Helpful Sites for Performance Marketing

There are so many sites and resources available where you can learn more about affiliate marketing that it might be hard to know where to start. To help narrow it down, I’ve highlighted three sites that you can reference anytime you need information or just want to stay up to date in the industry.