Deal Aggregation

FMTC Behind the Scenes – Deal Aggregation

From the outside, FMTC may seem like a simple service connecting advertisers with affiliates and deal aggregation. Though this is true, the inner workings of FMTC are quite complex. Streamlining clean data to publishers is no easy task so I would like to share the process with you. Deal Aggregation You may wonder how we […]

Office Memes

Office Memes to Brighten Your Day

Sometimes you need a bit of humor to help get you through the day. Take a quick break from your busy day to laugh at these office memes. Don’t forget to share with your work buddies who could use a chuckle! When Eating is Your Enemy I know I’ve gotten a few calls while I’m […]

Advertisers – Get More Involved in Performance Marketing!

Whether you’re newer to affiliate marketing or have been in the industry for years, there is always something new to learn! The performance marketing world is constantly evolving so staying educated is the key to success. One of the ways I stay involved is by being a member of the Performance Marketing Association. I also volunteer […]

make the most of your cup of coffee

Make the Most of Your Cup of Coffee

Most people wake up and instantly have a cup of coffee (or maybe 2) in hopes that they’ll be somewhat alive for work. This may sound like a good plan, but there are ways to get the most out of caffeine that might surprise you!

trending holiday gifts 2017

Top Gifts for Christmas 2017

Whether you’re looking for some great gift-giving ideas or you want to make sure you’re promoting the best products on your site for the holidays, here is a list of top gifts. Both merchants and affiliates can give more exposure to these products that are expected to be under many trees this year.

how to submit offer free shipping day

How to Leverage Free Shipping Day to Boost Q4 Holiday Sales

As the only free shipping-centric holiday shopping day this season, Free Shipping Day represents a unique opportunity to boost Q4 exposure and sales. Merchants can submit their offer through the sign-up page on the Free Shipping Day website.

how personality affects work

How Personality Affects Work Behavior

Whether we’ve thought about it or not, our personality traits have a surprising impact on our jobs. Awareness of these traits can help your work behavior and can also aid in hiring the best people for a particular position.

FMTC expedited deal processing

A Closer Look at Expedited Deal Processing

Expedited Deal Processing gives your offers a priority boost in our processing queues so that they are added to our feed ASAP. Particularly during Q4, the sooner your deals are distributed to our clients, the more conversions you’ll realize.